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A postdoctoral research fellow position is available in the Ruggero lab at the University of California, San Francisco at the Helen Diller Comprehensive Cancer Center (Mission Bay Campus), to study the molecular mechanisms of post-transcriptional gene expression in health and disease. Several open questions in the lab include: how does oncogenic signaling remodel the ribosome and the translation machinery to drive cell growth and cellular transformation? What is the translational landscape of cancer cells during distinct steps of tumor evolution? What are the mechanisms in cis and trans for “onco-mRNA” translational selectivity?

The potential candidate will utilize mouse models for components of the translation machinery in combination with novel proteomics, ribosome-profiling, and pharmacological strategies to study the dynamics of translation control in gene expression, in normal and cancer cells. Highly motivated individuals with a recent Ph.D., M.D. or M.D./Ph.D. and a background in mouse genetics, biochemistry, or cellular and molecular biology are encouraged to apply. Evidence of scientific accomplishment is required and bioinformatics skills are desirable. Requests should be addressed to: Davide Ruggero ([email protected])



The Ruggero lab at the Mission Bay campus at UCSF is looking to appoint a Junior Specialist / Research Associate to conduct research related to understanding the molecular mechanisms by which alterations in post-transcriptional regulation and translational control contribute to cancer development. The position will involve a project breeding, genotyping, and analyzing transgenic mouse lines as well as some general laboratory support. The ongoing projects in the lab are focused on understanding the molecular mechanisms by which impairments in accurate control of mRNA translation, cell growth, and overall cellular protein synthesis rates lead to cancer. The candidate will have the opportunity to publish their research in preeminent scientific journals such as Cell, Nature, Cancer Cell, and Molecular Cell. Previous researchers in this position have successfully obtained admission to some of the most prestigious medical and graduate programs in the country. Read more here . Send your CV to Davide Ruggero ([email protected])